Why Betting Is illegal In India But Fantasy Sports Apps Are Not?

We all know betting or gambling is unlawful in India. There is a certain law under which a criminal committing this offence is punished. But after reading this line, what do you think about fantasy sports games or apps like My11Circle? With such a high risk of losing money, why are these platforms not illegal?

Why Betting Is illegal In India But Fantasy Sports Apps Are Not

Bettings Apps Are Not Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports platforms let users play fantasy sports games online like cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and many more. To play, players invest their money as an entry ticket, and if they win they get their invested amount over the prize money they have won. And, just like betting they have 50-50 chances of winning or either losing their money.

So, these are the ways to pool money from the players and circulate them as per their number of wins and losses. But basically, their outcome of winning or losing is the same in fantasy games just like in gambling sports. Thus, let us finally understand the exact reason why gambling platforms are illegal but not fantasy games platforms apps like My11Circle.

What Makes Fantasy Sports Different From Gambling And Why They Are Not illegal?

First, betting purely involves decisions on the basis of instincts which decides a player’s victory. This requires no skill usage at all or analytical ability. Whereas, in fantasy games, a player should have excellent decision-making and analytical skills to choose the best team of players.

In betting sports there are no rules involved, the game is purely based on making a single decision where either you can choose yes or no type options to win. On the other hand, in fantasy sports, there are several conclusions to make before the play. Alone the choice of participants requires great judgement and analysis capability. On the basis of which a player chooses his team after analysing the gaming environment, the player’s performance level and in-game weather conditions.

Lastly, other factors like real-life gaming ecosystems, number of players and teams, time duration of the game, and another set of rules within the fantasy games separate them from betting platforms.

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In the end, we can say that betting games are purely based on instincts and luck, there are no calculative measures required. Whereas, Fantasy sports platforms are considered the game skills are excluded from provisions of the Public Gambling Act, of 1867. Hence they are completely lawful as per the Government of India.

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