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This Is Why India Should Not Promote #boycottchina

A recent decision of the Chinese government has made Indians furious.

#boycottchina is going viral on the internet, which is meant to put pressure on the Chinese government and vote to declare Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

But is it going to help? On 14 February, a Pakistani terrorist group called Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked Indian military convoy. It resulted in 40 casualties, Indians lost their brave CRPF soldiers in a cowardly attack.

What happened at United Nation Security Council?


As a result, India appealed UNSC (United Nation Security Council) to declare JeM as a global terrorist. So that no country can provide a house to the members of JeM. And it will become easy to eliminate the terrorist group once and for all.

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But China didn’t approve of it and put the UNSC council on hold from declaring Azhar as a global terrorist. So, in order to express anger and put pressure on the Chinese government, Indians have decided to boycott China. But it is not going to have any good outcome whatsoever.

Why boycotting China is not a good option?

In a misbelief, many Indians have started to take part in a new trend hashtag #boycottchina. People are under the impression that boycotting the use of Chinese product will put pressure on Chinese government.

In reality, it won’t affect China. Instead, it’ll hurt the Indian economy. India exports less to China, while the import from China is very important for sustaining the economy in India.

India mostly exports raw material to China. But there is a high demand for Chinese manufactured goods (mainly electronics) in India. This requires more import from China.

Indian pharmaceutical sector, in particular, will suffer in we decide to #boycottchina. This is because pharmaceutical companies critically depend on imports from China to manufacture drugs (medicines).

China has an upper hand


China is dominating the telecom sector in India too with its cheap electronics. According to reports India imports telecom gear worth 70,000 crores annually from China. Most of them belong to Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE.

More than 51% of citizens in India use a Chinese smartphone. Keeping in mind the $8 billion smartphone market of, 51% is a very big number.

Other than that even in the Power sector, Chinese import helps India a lot. In the 12th power plan itself, around 30% of generating capacity was imported from China. Between 2016 and 2017, China was the biggest importer of solar panels to India. And knowing that solar energy sector is continuously growing, China holds the 87% shares of the total $1.9 billion market in Indian.

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In Conclusion:

China is one of the biggest exporters in the world. It comes on number 3 right behind Europe and America. Also what China exports to India, it’s just 2% of total export China do with the other countries.

Knowing this, going on a trade war with China won’t be a wise option. As it will only going to hurt our economy.

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