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Why Burst Crackers When You Can Eat Them?

The day has come when finally, I can buy crackers and my mom can’t say peso mai aag kyu laga raha hai?

With Diwali approaching, shops and bakeries across the streets are lighted and loaded with sweets that take inspiration from rockets and “sutli bombs”, and produces a burst of flavours in your mouth.

These edible crackers that look-a-like a cracker are creating all the hype among children besides being used for corporate gifting.

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“We have tried to innovate with our designs this year. The ‘Sutli bomb’, made with white chocolate is filled with toffees and looks amazingly real. In fact, a few of our customers thought that we have started selling crackers in our shop too. The ‘Phuljhari’ is also made of chocolate and wrapped in silver foil,” said Krishna Ahirwar who makes sweets and bakery items on orders.

In case you are planning to buy an edible cracker, it will need you to loosen a premium amount for the same. The Sutli bombs are priced at Rs. 85 each and the Phuljhari comes at Rs. 40 per piece.

Moreover, for all the health-conscious in the town, the makers have ensured they stack up edible crackers low on calories.

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“We have a whole range of goodies made with sugar free chocolate and even those that have low sugar content. This has been done on the specific request of some customers who are health conscious and/or suffer from diabetes,” said Mannu Agarwal who runs a bakery.

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