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Why Do You Get Stuck On A Particular Side Of The Bed?

If you share the bed with someone, you know that it is divided. You do keep your shit to one side of the bed, right?

But as a matter of fact, it’s your natural preference that eventually takes over and you choose to stay on a particular side of the bed.

Why Choose A Side Of The Bed?

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The point is really simple. You just find it easy to have everything at one place for the night’s sleep. Which is why you eventually pick a side and stick with it.

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You will find that you have your favourite night lamp, a glass of water or your phone next to your side of the bed. And yes, it keeps things hassle-free. Also, you can eat stuff on your side and drops crumb without being yelled at. (Only if your other half isn’t going to kill you later)

But Exactly Why?

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You must have realized by now, that you do you end up choosing a particular side. Somehow. Thankfully, a research has finally figured out why do you do that.

And you will be shocked to know that you base it on a primary sense of primal fear. You think that this particular side of bed is safer if someone breaks in and tries to harm you. So, you pick up a side and stick to it.

According to the researchers,” people prefer sleeping places that allow them to view the entrances to the sleeping room (doors and windows) from a distance while remaining concealed from the entrances themselves.”

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A poll was conducted in 2011 which suggested that left side of the bed is a happier place. According to the survey that was taken by 3000 adult individuals, most people said that they slept on the left side of the bed.

Left Side Is The Happy Side

So, going by the survey, if you sleep on the left side of the bed then you must be a happier person, in comparison to the other partner. However, that doesn’t mean that you are not a happy person if you choose the right side.

After all, it’s your own safe haven. Pick up any side, because eventually, you will end up sticking to one side of the bed.

So, why not choose left and be happier, eh? 

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