Why Google Pay Wants You to Close Screen Sharing Apps?

Google Pay is one of the most preferred UPI payment apps in India. The app is ranked among the top 5 most used UPI payment interfaces as per the market share. In fact, the Indian market is one of the biggest for Google. The company says it uses the best fraud prevention technology to eradicate any chance of fraudulent transactions. While the company is doing its best to keep us safe, there are precautionary measures that users should practice. Also, to guide them Google has shared some of its well-researched dos and don’ts on its website.

Why Google Pay Wants You to Close Screen Sharing Apps

Google Pay Educating Users for Safe UPI Transactions

One of the most vital pieces of advice Google has shared is to keep all the screen-sharing apps closed while doing a transaction.

What are Screen Sharing Apps?

The most popular screen-sharing apps are Teamviewer, AnyDesk, Google Meet, etc. They allow users to share the content of their screen with other users in real-time. Whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, this software can let you share anything and allow full access to your device.

Why Google Warns Against Using Screen Sharing Apps while Making Payments?

The most valid reason Google has provided is that fraudsters can utilize these apps for the following:

  • To gain access to your device and make payments.
  • To know your sensitive information such as ATM or Credit Card details.
  • For knowing the OTPs sent to your device to transfer money from your account.

Remember, Google Pay won’t ever ask you to download random apps. If you accidentally got some, just close them before using Google Pay. And if someone pretending to be from Google Pay told you to download stuff, delete those apps ASAP and report it to Google Pay. Easy peasy!

Here are the Few Tips to Safeguard Your UPI Payments:

  • Verify the UPI ID before sending the payment.
  • Enter your UPI PIN while making payments only, not to receive them.
  • Always check the messages after making transactions.
  • Use the help section from the UPI app if you notice any suspicious transactions.

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