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5 reasons Why Google Images Think That Donald Trump Is An Idiot

Ever wondered why Google called Donald Trump an idiot?

Google is not just some search engine. For most of us, it’s more than just a technology. Most of us have already titled Google as ‘Google Baba’ because we think it is a living thing and not just a code running inside a computer.

But recently, Google is receiving a lot of accusations saying, it is tracking our location, manipulating political polls and defaming the reputation of Donald Trump. Well yes, according to Google Image search, Trump is an idiot. (Don’t believe me? Check for yourself, go… I’ll wait for you.)


Now, I guess you have seen the truth by yourself.  But why did this happen?

Don’t worry, let us put a stop to your everlasting search and tell you 5 reasons why Google images think Donald Trump is an idiot. Though, you should only read the first reason, if you don’t know how to take a joke. Just saying.

1. It’s how a search engine works

Hillary clinton

Yesterday, Suraj Pichai – Google’s CEO had to answer the same question in front of US congressional panel.

He said: “Any time you type in a keyword, as Google we have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of [websites’] pages in our index. So, Google takes the searched keyword, matches them against all the pages and then ranks our search result based on things like relevance, freshness, popularity and how other people are using it.”

In simple terms, this is how Google’s algorithm works, it’s all done through bots and results are based on what’s internet is talking about.

2. Google knows the best

Google it

I personally think that Google knows best. After all, that’s how I was able to clear all my engineering exams. Google knew the answers to the questions I got in my examination and even helped me out while I was going out on a date. See, that’s how handy and responsible Google is. I mean from academics to real life, it helps you out always.

And now, I have learned how to roll in the deep with Google. So, don’t tell me that Google can be wrong.

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3. That’s what news channel thinks

That's so funny

Not really, the news guys wanted to call Donald Trump an idiot but they couldn’t say so on his face. Which is why they said,’ That’s what America and the rest of the world are saying about Donald Trump.’ Not everyone knows the truth but because of the entire media coverage, people got to know that Donald Trump is an idiot.

Many people don’t even know who is Trump, but they know for sure that Donald Trump is an idiot.

4. Conspiracy

Donald Trump

People who are in support of Donald Trump think that this is nothing, but a conspiracy. Sometimes, even I think that. Maybe haters flooded the internet by calling Donald Trump an idiot and that’s what Google picked. It stored everything that people were talking about that Donald Trump.


And in order to provide the audience with the quickest search results, Google started to display what people believe is the truth. Trump= Idiot. Not Google’s fault though.

5. Liberal defamation

Donald Trump

This can be something more serious, something that makes it more personal. As some people think that the opposition is trying to allegedly defame the reputation of current President of America. If you believe none of the above-mentioned reason is correct, you have to believe in this one.

Higher authorities have hired online activist to defame Donald Trump. So that they can make people believe that Donald Trump is an idiot. Really.

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In Conclusion:

We don’t want to scare you off, but we do have another reason to answer this question. Google is not doing it intentionally, the opposition doesn’t have any role to play in this and if you believe algorithm can’t be the real reason- the only viable reason is that the A.I. is making their move against humans. We all know this can be possible.

After all, even professor Stephan Hawkings believed that humankind is going to face A.I. invasion. And I surely believe him.

But, if you too believe this can happen, I’m building a firewall, if you like you can donate!

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