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No Offence, But The Fact That Men’s Day Is Not Celebrated As Much As Women’s Day Only Makes Me Celebrate The Latter Less

PM Narendra Modi will hand over his twitter account to inspiring women of the country on International Women’s Day on March 8.

NMRC will start a new service wherein it will distribute free sanitary pads to women across 21 Aqua Line metro stations.

Renault has announced a special car offer for women on the occasion of International women’s day.

A Google Doddle is assured to surprise women across the world on March 8.

These are a mere pinch of things women across the world would be overwhelmed with on the occasion of International Women’s Day. And with a pinch, I mean a pinch.

Source – The Indian Express

And when it comes International Men’s day, I bet most of you don’t even know when it’s celebrated. And if you do know, you must also be aware of the lack of enthusiasm it’s able to create among people across the world. So lack that Google’s graphic designers don’t even consider to give us a Google Doodle (forever pain).

So lack that the York University, which once decided to commemorate this day, had to cancel its plans because of social “justice” trolls.

Now if these, and the heading I gave to the article makes you think that I would be bashing against Women’s Day throughout the article, then you are mistaken. I’m protesting against the lack of public participation when it comes to celebrating men’s day and bashing would mean being against women’s day, which I’m not.

Anyways when I discuss something like this to women, they often tell me the reasons why women are celebrated more than men.

They tell me about the discrimination women had to face over the years. The patriarchal mindset of the society they still have to face, the crimes against women, that God I don’t know when will plunge, and many many more.

But trust me, as a writer and an introvert, I’m more aware of these things happening to women then women themselves are. And their answer really doesn’t satisfy me even when they make all the sense.

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As a man, yes, we don’t have to face the aforementioned woes but that aren’t the only woes in the world, right? The fact that men don’t share their problems as much as women do; doesn’t mean we don’t have problems in our lives.

As a woman, sit by the man in your life, or sometimes, just take time to look into your father’s eye and you will realise we have a lot that’s messed up inside.

So if problems are that we are celebrating (which, I don’t believe) here, then I believe that both men and women are equal.

I believe

Now what I believe we celebrate women’s day for is to show the world that she by herself can do anything and everything. And this is important for twofold reasons. First, it would inspire other women in society to stand against the odds and second to show that women don’t need a man to have their back.

But the fact here is that many women are supported by their male counterparts and they actually feel good about it. It’s something psychological, when you have someone by your side, be it a woman or man, you are bound to feel more empowered.

Women, over the years, have been supporting men (ek aadmi ki kamyabi ke piche ek aurat ka haat hota hai) and now most of us men are doing the same for them, which makes my heart happy.

So now that we are even here too, why not celebrate both equally?

I have no hard feelings for women. Actually I love all the three women in have in my life. They have supported me on different levels over the years and even if I have to celebrate women’s day all year round, I won’t mind. But as a human, I deserve to be celebrated as well.

A very happy women’s day to all the lovely women out there.

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