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Here’s Why Pankaj Tripathi Is Ruling The Hearts Of Fans Across The Globe

Ever since the fever of web series and dark reality-based movie spread out, Pankaj started gaining a lot of respect and attention by the type of performances he delivered on screen.

‘Kaleen Bhaiya’ in Mirzapur, ‘Lawyer’ in Criminal Justice and ‘Sultan Qureshi’ in Gangs of Wasseypur, are a few of the iconic roles played by Pankaj Tripathi. And now that he spoke up about his beliefs as an actor, we started respecting him even more.

Thoughts of this iconic actor

Pankaj Tripathi

This amazing actor has been working in the film industry for over 15 years now and has bagged in some super hit roles, making millions of fans across the globe. Thanks to the series like ‘Mirzapur’ and ‘Criminal Justice’, he is getting an exposure he never had before.

Nut what’s more intriguing is the fact that this actor has really deep thoughts about an artists work. He believes that the work of an artist is much complex than that of a doctor. In his words, ‘ A doctor can save a dying man, but an artist can do a lot more: heal a dying society by questioning the wrong and upholding the right.’

He truly thinks that arts give meaning to anyone life.

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The interview with Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi

PTI recently spoke with this amazing actor where he revealed his view about the artistic society.

He said, ‘In life, we have two segments: arts and science. We need science to make our lives easier. But what do we live for? We enjoy life through arts. So it’s an artist’s duty to question the wrongs happening in the society. To make a satire out of it. To make people aware of their art forms—writing, painting, acting, etc.’

Going further, he explained that arts make the lives of people better than before. He added, ‘If every individual starts listening to poetry, watch plays and see paintings, they’ll become a better human. Art makes you a better human being and that reflects in society. Across the world, wherever good art has been created, that society has been in crisis.’

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His views on the role of an artist

Pankaj Tripathi

There is no doubt that he holds the passion and intelligence to pick up roles that can contribute a thought or raise a question. He thinks that each role that an actor plays allow him/her to make a commentary out of it. It just depends on the actor if he/she can make use of the role awarded to them.

He further added, ‘I am an aware citizen so I want my characters to be aware too. They should be aware of what’s happening in society and make a commentary. They’re not in a la la land. Today we have films made on several topics. Stree is an entertaining film but it has strong commentary about women. I make sure I say something important without being preachy through all my performances.’

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Why everyone loves Pankaj Tripathi?

According to him, ‘An actor must read a lot. Books not only make one a good actor, but also a better human being. Second, you must work on your senses. We don’t realize but we are losing the sense of sound slowly. When was the last time you registered listening to a flowing river or a chirping bird?

He ended by saying,’ We are losing the essence of touch. An actor has to work on his senses. You just have to be present for this, be aware. In life, we create. In cinema, actors recreate and for this, your mind and body need to be in sync.’

What about you? Do you like him as an actor? If not, why?

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