Why Should I Keep My Income a Private Affair?

Our incomes are our private affair. In simple words, we work hard alone and we don’t have any helping hand, so when it comes to income, there should be no helping hands to decide how we should spend it.

I am sure it sounds confusing to you but let me just explain it a little better so that you know you do not have to disclose the numbers you are earning in your account, no matter how big or small.

Why Should I Keep My Income a Private Affair?

1. You Become the Money You Earn

If you make your income a public affair, then you become the money you earn and your other important qualities can’t outshine it. If you have a high-paying job then people around you will set some expectations for you. If you earn less, then you will be given a lecture about spending money. No matter how much money you make, it is always a topic of agony to listen to someone else telling you how you should spend your money.

2. Uninvited Finance Planners

When people are under the assumption that you earn a lot of money, then they start making financial decisions for you. They plan things and expect you to pay for things you never intended to. If they think you earn less, then they will stop you from spending money where you actually want to.

3. Interpretations of your Actions

Your actions will be assumed to be arrogant if you earn good money whereas your decency would be laughed upon if you earn less. So, when your income is out in the open, your firm or down-to-earth behaviour is interpreted however other people see fit according to the money you earn.

Why Should I Keep My Income a Private Affair?

4. Freedom to Set Budget

When your income is discrete and no one knows about it, you can decide how much money you want to allocate to a certain thing. Let us say you have to gift someone on their special occasion, you will be judged no matter what. People will either find your gift too cheap or too expensive for your income but no one would even think that you wanted to give that certain thing to the person for emotional reasons.

5. Lifestyle

You can have a taste for a particular lifestyle and you can live it no matter what, but only when people don’t know what kind of money you earn. For example, I have an uncle who is doing well but he likes to go to the office on a cycle. Now some people might assume he is poor but that is his lifestyle choice. So, when people don’t know how much he earns, they can’t judge him.


In this article, we learnt why it is important to keep our incomes to ourselves. Once we make our salaries a public affair then we can not go back to being the only person taking our financial decisions.

I hope you found this article helpful and would share it with your friends and family members who keep bugging you about your package.

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