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#WhyModiAgain : Here Are 11 Memes That Will Prove Why

Ok, first things first. The past 5 years that Modi Ji successfully handled the nation is commendable. From demonetization to bringing back Abinandan, Modi Ji has really brought the nation ahead in terms of several things.

Yes, there were hiccups and bumps along the way but one thing is for sure, the kind of work and also the kind of patriotic humor that Modi Ji brought in politics can never be surpassed by anyone. (not even Rahul Gandhi)

In fact, he Modi Ji is the only politician that has provided patriotic meme content to the creators. So, without further ado, here are the best handpicked Modi Ji memes that will give you the reasons behind #WhyModiAgain and also tickle your funny bone in the most amazing way.

1. Blackmoney


2. Relationship with the US

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3. The Kashmir matter

4. Relationships with Global Social Media

5. Revenge on British Rule

6. He doesn’t mind being the Odd man out

7. Demonetization swag

8. His world tours weren’t a joke

9. Modi Ji being straightforward to Bangladesh

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10. That’s the secret to his power

11. And for those who ask #WhyModiAgain

In Conclusion:

The Lok Sabha elections are around the corner and everyone seems just wants to ask one question, ‘Will BJP Come To Power Again?

Amidst all the tweets and memes going on all social media platforms, you can just take a step back and get the answer for yourselves. No matter how hard the anti-BJP campaign runs, it all comes down to who will be responsible to rule our nation after the elections.  And Modi Ji for sure fits the profile more than any other party person.

What do you think should be the answer for #WhyModiAgain?
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