Do We Really Need Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters? Here Is What Experts Say?

Just because Pfizer wants to offer Covid-19 vaccine boosters doesn’t mean people are lining up anytime soon. The US and other international health authorities say that for now, the fully vaccinated seem well protected.

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However, experts are watching closely to determine if and when people might need another shot. Meanwhile, several experts suggest the priority for the time vaccinations, noting that worrisome Coronavirus mutants would not be popping up so fast if more of the US and the rest of the world had gotten the initial round of shots.

If you want to stop hearing about the variant of the week,” said Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins University public health specialist, “we need to do more work to make sure all countries have more access to vaccines.”

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Why Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Are In News?

US health officials said that people one day might need a booster, as it works for many other vaccines. This is why, studies are underway to test different approaches: mix-and-match tests, and simple third doses using a different brand. 

But last week, Pfizer along with BioNTech (German partner) announced that in August, they plan to seek Food and Drug Administration Authorization of a third dose. It is because it could boost levels of virus-fighting antibodies.

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