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With All Precautions: This ‘Panvaadi’ Is Selling Pans Wearing PPE KIT

While many are taking the precautions against COVID-19 lightly putting oneself and others in risk this man is taking an extra layer of precaution. He is no doctor or medical health professional but has an understanding of the threat of a pandemic and the measures to be taken. We are talking about a Pan seller aka ‘Panvaadi’ from Varanasi.

The Pan seller named Vishal has made a buzz on social media with praises for his attention towards safety. The man with his shop at the city’s Ravindrapuri area is serving Paans to its customer while wearing a PPE kit for precaution. Sitting inside his small shop Vishal is grabbing the eyeballs of the passerby as he goes on doing his business as usual.

Pan seller

The shop owner says that he is doing so to protect himself, the customers, and his own family as he comes out to work out amidst pandemic, Though he feels sweaty wearing the kit in this summer season he is making sure that there is no loosening in terms of precautions. Not only this Vishal also sanitized his shop daily and makes sure the customers are also using the same. Further, he is also sanitizing the currency received from the customers.

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The standards of safety he is marinating have also won the customers’ trust as they are coming to have the taste. Doing so he is setting an example for those who don’t even follow social distancing rules amid the pandemic.

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