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This Place, With More Than 100 Board Games And Amazing Food, Is The Perfect New Year Escape

Board games were the best time pass as a child and don’t you deny the fact. I remember how me and my friends would spend hours playing board games during summer vacation untill the sun plunges and its time to play outdoors.

Though those days can’t come back, but of course, for a day or two, we can enjoy the same experience at Unlocked – Bar, Kitchen and Escape Room in Gurgaon.


Here’s all you need to know about the place

Located somewhere in 32nd Avenue Gurgaon, the place serves finger-licking food, yummy cocktails, has an Escape Room and more than 100 board games.

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The place caters its visitors as many as 130 board games including the childhood-renowned Monopoly, Dominoes, UNO and many more. The variety allows you to choose from games that you are a master at.

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Unlocked restaurant

On the bit-unknown side, you have games like Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico or the complex Terra Mystica. So in a nutshell, the place is a perfect spot to both learn and play.

Unlocked restaurant in gurgaon

Besides board games, the place also has an Escape Room that takes inspiration from Alexandra Lionheart’s adventures. It tells the tale of the British explorer who made her way to India back in 1897.

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restaurants in gurgaon

A group of 2-8 people are supposed to find her necklace and unlock themselves before her black magic consumes (not really) you.

Food And Drinks!!

A New Year party without food and drinks isn’t a party at all, And Unlocked realizes that well. Hence, it serves everything from appetisers to drinks.

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If at the place, don’t forget to try dishes ranging from Mediterranean Baked Lasagna, Chicken Grill, Verdure Pizza and many more. Avacado Story is another popular dish that would leave your taste buds craving for more.

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The main servings include Pizzas, Grilled fish that you can enjoy before feating on Tiramisu’ dessert, or ‘Belgian-style waffles’.

restaurants in gurgaon

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As far as drinks go, Unlocked has something for everyone right from ‘Blood Bound‘ (for winers) ‘Exploding Kittens (for Vodka lovers) and many more.

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