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With This New Scheme, Business Users May Now Upgrade Their Apple Macs Every 90 Days, Instead Of Every 180 Days

On Apple’s business page, the company has unveiled a new programme that enables companies to update their Macs every 90 days with financing provided by a qualified third party. Apple CIT allows companies to lease a base-model MacBook Air, which costs $999 (approximately Rs 75,000), for $30 per month, instead of purchasing it outright (roughly Rs 2,250). If a new model of the Mac is released within three months, you will have the opportunity to update your computer.

With this announcement, Apple is making one of its first attempts at providing a software update programme, something that Apple users ranging from corporations to consumers have requested from the Cupertino, California-based company. It is not the first time that Apple has offered financing alternatives to businesses and consumers, but this is the first time that the corporation has offered any form of an upgrade programme to its users. Max Winebach, a well-known tipster, was the first to notice the new initiative on Twitter.

A screenshot of the upgrade plans was leaked by the leaker, however, reports indicate that certain organisations are able to view the offer, while others are not.

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After three months, business clients have the option to return or exchange their Mac. This is especially advantageous for individuals who replace their Macs on a regular basis, with each new generation of CIT.

According to CIT, financing accounts for just three per cent of the entire cost, meaning that if consumers add improvements to their Mac, the monthly cost will fluctuate somewhat as well. According to the CIT website, consumers may submit a loan application directly to the company. It is CIT that issues the purchase order at Apple, and subsequently, it is your product that is bought.


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