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Beware Women, You Might Be Framed For Murder If You Don’t Cry At Your Husband’s Death!

The Indian Judicial system is the most amazing of all.

Mostly, it comes up with strict and reasonable judgments that are justified but sometimes it fucks up big time. Like the trial court and HC of Guwahati did. The whole story is about a woman in Guwahati who was convicted for her husband’s murder.
Assam woman released by Supreme court

Why was the woman jailed?

You would ask, what’s wrong in it? A woman can very well be convicted of a murder, right?

Well, that’s where the problem is. The Guwahati High court sent her to jail because she was the last person to be seen with her husband before he was killed. But again, this was not the real reason for sending her behind the bars. She was sentenced to life imprisonment because she did not cry after her husband’s death.

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Assam woman released by Supreme court

The trial and Guwahati high court believed that she portrayed “unnatural conduct”, by not crying at the time when her husband died. According to their understanding, this proved that she was guilty of the murder. And the poor woman had to suffer five years of jail life before the apex court came to her rescue.

What did the Apex Court do?

Thankfully, the Supreme court figured out the blunder that the lower courts had committed.

The bench of Justices R F Nariman and Navin Sinha looked at the case and concluded that the circumstantial evidence, which was just the fact that she did not shed tears, does not prove in any way that she was the murderer. They also brought forward the fact that it is natural for people who get stunned when someone close to them dies.

And for the same reason, they fail to express any kind of emotion. But that does mean that the stunned person has killed the deceased.

What else did they find out?

With a close inspection of the case, they found out that the husband had died because he was stabbed multiple times. The woman, who was of average built, couldn’t have possibly stabbed the man multiple times without being injured in return. This clearly proved that there might be multiple murderers or there was another story behind it all together.

Keeping all these facts in mind, the apex court passed the judgment to release her immediately from police custody.

In Conclusion:

The woman is finally free after spending five years in jail for the murder she didn’t even commit. Her only fault was, not shedding tears on the deathbed of her husband. It really makes me wonder how childish the judicial authority can sometimes be.

And it scares me to even think, that it could be possible that others could be suffering behind the bars for a similar reason right now.
Who knows? 

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