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Watch The Viral Video Of This Woman Cooking Food Inside A Toilet!

The trend of viral videos is on the boom. Every new video claims to be even more viral and even more shocking than the previous ones.

But this heart-wrenching video is sure to make you think about the real problems that thousands of people face every day in India.

It is far more saddening and far more harrowing than any of those viral videos you come across because it is the matter of basic survival for thousands still in the clutches of poverty.

We all are aware of our countries perilous situation in terms of basic facilities to the poor. And this shocking video is the proof of just that where a woman in Fatehpur Sikander village of Ghazipur district is forced to cook meals inside a toilet.

Yes. You read that right. In a toilet.

But why?

Sadly, the blame goes to the waterlogged area which was flooded due to heavy rains. The only elevated place that the water couldn’t reach was the toilet, which was then used for cooking.

See the video for yourself :

The harsh reality:

It is very common in India that due to heavy rainfall, the areas get flooded and water remains clogged for days. The management practically doesn’t care about it because they don’t face such issues in their high rise buildings with many attached bathrooms and a huge kitchen that can probably accommodate an entire village.

It is the lower class which suffers the wrath of rains and other natural forces. The same happened with this family. They were forced to evacuate their toilet so that the woman can cook while they relieve themselves out in the open. And then we talk about basic hygiene and usage of toilets.

Somebody, please ask those bureaucrats how is a person supposed to eat a meal cooked in a toilet and excrete in the same one too?

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What does the management have to say about it?

As expected, the management claimed that it was an unexpected heavy rainfall and that they are trying their best to unclog the water and help the residents. But if there was already a system in place for such unexpected surprises, no one would be suffering.

Besides, the management only responds when the disaster is already done, there is no living concept of proactivity in India, thanks to our government official’s laid back attitude and selfishness.

In Conclusion:

Open defecation is already a big issue in India, and with situations like this, people are forced to defecate in the open. It is such a shame that after so many years of development and country claiming to be the fastest growing economy in the world, a major mass of the population, that is the most basic pillar of this entire economy, still suffers from petty issues like water logging.

With such videos, the drastic lack of basic hygiene and infrastructure comes crumbling down in the face of our government. Yet, no strong actions are taken.

Let’s see if such viral videos make the government busy preparing for 2019 elections, turn their head into this direction and solve this problem once and for all.

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