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Woman Forgets Her Child Behind After Stealing A Stroller From The Store

If you ever felt bad about forgetting your essentials at an alien place, don’t feel bad for at least you didn’t forget a baby. Yes, you heard it right. A video of three women, who were caught stealing a baby stroller from a store in New Jersey has been creating all the buzz lately.

The incident which was caught on camera seemed like any other robbery until what happened next. Hialoursily, one among the three women forgot her child inside the Bambi Baby store in Middletown after executing a well-planned robbery. Police reported that the women had earlier entered the store with flawed intentions with three children.

Reportedly, the three women formulated a plan wherein, the role of the two was to keep the employees at the store distracted while the third had a job to steal the stroller and walk out of the store. The one who was supposed to steal and walkout, meanwhile, forgot her child inside the store.


Enelio Ortega, owner of the store, spoke to WCBS about the incident and said, “What I take major offense to is the children. Don’t do that with your children. If you need to steal for a living, that’s a personal problem, that’s a personal issue. But when you bring children that have no idea what’s going on, that affected me. That’s why I’m sharing (the video) as much as possible.”

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Meanwhile, police officials have arrested two of the accused – Maryann Cash, 23 and Nan McCarthy, 20, Fox News reports. The stolen stroller has also been returned.

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