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Woman ‘Masturbates’ At An IKEA Store In The Presence Of Shoppers

While pleasuring yourself is no crime you have to take surroundings into consideration. However, for this woman, all that matters is enjoying the moment with her private part. At least her act of ‘masturbating’ in public substantiates that.

Women masturbates

A video of a woman masturbating in popular Swedish furniture brand IKEA’s store from China went viral on social media. The pornographic categorized clip shows a woman pleasuring herself half-naked on various sofas and beds in the furniture store’s showroom. While she does her act shoppers walking by in the background.

Though the uncensored video has been taken off the media but it didn’t happen without the act going noticed by millions. IKEA was quick to act on this and condemned the act straight away while saying that it would take care in the future that such things are not repeated.


We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store“. said IKEA while not revealing the name of the branch. Social media users have speculated it was a store in Guangdong province, as Cantonese was heard spoken in the video’s background. Many pointed out the video is of sometime back as nobody is seen wearing masks as protection against COVID-19.

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In 2015 a similar kind of incident was reported from China. Then a clip of a couple having sex in one of changing rooms Japanese clothing chain Uniqlo went viral. Well, you can say at present the China and Chinese are making news due to all bad reasons.

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