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After The Shirt Adjusting Issue On Field, Here Is Another Victim Of Biasness Towards Women

Life is hard, but it is harder when you are a woman. At least, that is what you feel when you read the news nowadays.

There seems to be a new addition to the field of “let’s make females feel miserable”. This latest trend features shaming and causing problems in response to a single act by a female.

The act is then judged and criticized to the core.

The idea behind this:

It seems that the whole idea behind this agenda is to make a woman feel like she has no rights and God help her if she does what she feels like. Furthermore, if she ends up doing a simple thing which makes her feel comfortable or sorts out her work, people can’t digest it.

woman hiding face with hands

Changing T-shirt on the field a crime? Really?

Recently the tennis player- Alize Cornet became a victim of a “sexist” rule just because she changed her t-shirt on the court. On the contrary, it is very casual for guys to even be shirtless on the court if they feel like. But if it’s a female player, havoc is unleashed.


No answer for that.

This clearly shows how biased the world and its laws are.

Other miserable cases

Two cases have surfaced so far related to the human rights. And they are as simple as not wearing a bra because ‘I don’t feel like wearing it’.

The whole issue caught attention when a 25 year old employee named Christina Schell, from British Columbia refused to wear a bra at work. It is as simple as a guy not wearing underwear under his pants to work.

lots of bra

But, was it taken so lightly? Hell no.

Even the updated dress code of the club stated that waitresses must either wear a bra or an undershirt. But, when she refused to wear a bra, she was fired by the restaurant’s general manager.

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Earlier, in 2011, a similar case was reported in Canada. The case again reported a waitress being fired from a restaurant because she refused to wear a bra.

But hey, guys can even masturbate openly staring in the face of a female in public.


No one raises a finger at that. Rather, the whole point is neglected as if nothing happened.

The real concern is avoided, as always! 

The worst part about this whole discussion is that real issues like molestation and rape which need immediate attention and action get completely ignored by the laws and the authorities. Whereas these puny issues like not wearing a bra or changing a shirt on the court are highlighted.

women throwing bra

The entire gender is then trolled, chastised and called shameless, just because one was behaving normally like a human being instead of behaving like a woman. On the contrary, men are spared on all occasions.

Be it public molestation or misbehaving, rape or inappropriate touch, these are considered normal and hormonal, you see. The blame again is carefully allotted to the “so-called” provoking acts of women, like behavior, attire, attitude, speech etc etc.

It’s a shame that the society we live in considers molestation and rape as normal and the ones that are actually normal are all hyped and twisted.

In conclusion:

It is high time the society really reels in some effort on deciding what is what. The real issues should be paid attention to, rather than a female’s choice of attire or her choice to change in public.

woman enjoying freely

Because there have been reports of women in a burqa being molested and even raped. Haven’t they? So, if the society still claims that a female should always hide her body and only then she will be safe, it won’t be wrong to say that it is the biggest bullshit ever.

The need of the hour is that society must acknowledge what is normal in case of both genders, instead of favouring one and condemning other for the same act. Without any favoritism. At all.

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