Tips for Women To Secure Their Privacy On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a vital part of our life as one of the most extensively used messaging apps in India. However, with enormous power comes great responsibility, especially when it comes to preserving its customers’ privacy, particularly women. Below we have mentioned some of the most important WhatsApp privacy features that every woman should be aware of. 

Tips for Women To Secure Their Privacy On WhatsApp

1. Control your internet data.

You can choose who sees your personal information, such as your profile photo, last seen, online status, about, status, and who sees them, by deciding who has access to your online information – everyone, contacts only, select contacts, or no one. When you’re online, you can also control who can and cannot view you.

2. Keep your account information private.

When resetting and authenticating your WhatsApp account, the Two-Step Verification function adds an extra degree of protection by requesting a six-digit PIN. This is useful in the event that a SIM card is stolen or the phone is hacked.

3. Group privacy settings

WhatsApp’s privacy settings and group invite system enable users to choose who may add them to groups, therefore boosting user privacy and preventing individuals from joining groups you don’t want to be a part of. You may also leave a group quietly without informing everyone.

4. Choose who you talk

WhatsApp allows you to ban and report individuals who send you disturbing messages, preventing them from contacting you. This function allows you to contact those who have your phone number in a safe and secure environment.

5. More control over your communications’ privacy

All messages, photographs, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates, and phone conversations are encrypted from end to end. The ‘disappearing messages’ option deletes messages after 24 hours, seven days, or ninety days, while the ‘see once’ feature lets you exchange photographs and videos without leaving a permanent digital trace. For an extra degree of security, you may also activate screenshot blocking for ‘view once’ messages.

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