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Women Are Happier At Their Offices, This Research Reveals Why

You must have heard the cliched sentence, ‘Office is such a stressful place’.

But ladies, if you really think about it, you know you are happier at your workplace. You are away from the monotonous life you live surrounded by your daily chores and here, you get to know the juiciest gossips, right?

Well, if you do love your workplace, there is nothing to be guilty about it. According to research, people are happier at their offices. Especially when it comes to you ladies.

Where was this research done?

Women are happier

The research took place at Penn State University where the level of stress hormones in 122 participants was recorded for an entire week. The participants were largely woman, however, that’s not how they concluded the fact that women are happier at their workplace.

The stress level called cortisol keeps fluctuating in the body at different times of the day. The researchers followed the mood of all the participants and noted down their stress hormone levels at different hours. After the study, it was concluded that most of the people were less stressed at their offices than their home. Moreover, it was much more visible in the results of women.

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 Women are happier at work, really!

When it comes to jobs, a woman always makes it her top priority to have work satisfaction. In case she feels that she isn’t liking the workplace or the work profile, most of the females end up switching their jobs. But a man keeps on compromising and doing their jobs that suck.

Women are happier

Which is why men always try to relax and destress themselves when they come back home. On the other hand, women have to multi-task and return to household commitments as soon as she is back from work.

Why are the stress hormones low at work?

All of you know that it isn’t to do all the household chores. That too everyday. But when it comes to the life of a woman, it is just a regular routine. Now, you understand where is all this coming from and why women are happier at work.

Women are happier

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Usually, when a woman returns from work, she is just ending her first shift and beginning her second one. She has to start making dinner and complete all the house chores which aren’t on a man’s list. Moreover, at work, she gets time to relax and have coffee or chill with colleagues. And trust me, it is much better than standing in the kitchen for the whole day.

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In Conclusion:

I know, it might be possible that women who are privileged to have a home where she doesn’t need to contribute in chores, but the thing is most of the females don’t have that option. It is them who has to work and take of the family members as well. Result? It increases her stress hormones.

I guess, now you understand why she is always in a pissed mood back at home!

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