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World Food Day: Facts Related To Global Hunger That Would Make You Feel How Privileged You Are

As your mouth waters thinking of the World Food Day that is celebrated around the world today your hands would be on your smartphone with fingers moving fast to place an order for your favorite dish. 

Well, you have all the right to enjoy the day in the manner you want and what better than getting in the taste of your favorite dish. We don’t have any plans to spoil your plan (and mood for sure). As the title might have given you a hint we would look into the other side of the picture this day.


That is instead of telling you the best places to dine out near you or repeating the importance of preventing food wastage we would bring some real facts in front of you. Facts that would help you realize that though you may complain about your life “whole day” but you are still privileged. 

Now without much ado, we straight away bring those facts in front of you.   

Over 800 Million Empty Tummies

If you are having this after having your breakfast, lunch or dinner then this number is enough to make you feel privileged. Though on the percentage terms it might sound less (around 11%) but globally over 800 Million people sleep a hungry stomach. 

The global daily minimum consumption requirements for leading a balanced life is placed around 2100 calories. However, to get even half of that many toil hard 24×7. 

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There Is Enough For Everyone

There is a popular myth that global food production is not enough to feed everyone with a 3 square meal. Actually there is enough for the needs of the 7 billion inhabitants of our planet.


Major cause behind the prevailing hunger is that poverty and accumulation of food (those having money consume more than required) have denied many of there due needs. The other way of saying that is that hunger as an issue is driven by “poverty” as a major cause. 

Thousands Of Deaths A Day

It might be shocking but the horrifying truth is that thousands of children die daily across the globe due to undernourishment related causes. While you might have enough to feed your little ones many around the world die before eating a full 3 square meal for a day.


A 2010 data put the figure to around 7.6 million. That is around 20,000 on a daily basis.  

Effecting Generations To Come

The issue of hunger and undernourishment is not restricted to those who are suffering the plight at present. Studies show that an undernourished mother is very likely to deliver an undernourished baby. 


To put it in numbers around 17 million babies are born out of undernourished mothers. Most of them die before they attain the age of five. Thus, hunger is not only affecting the present generation but is vanishing the future as well.

Development Is An Antidote

With close to 98% of the hunger finding its existence in the underdeveloped countries of the world there is no doubt that development is the antidote for hunger as an issue.


There are countries in the world (majorly in Africa) where every 4th person is suffering from chronic hunger. Civil wars, ethnic conflicts, international disputes add to the miseries of the hunger-stricken population. 

Don’t just be shocked or feel sorry reading this fact. If you are reading this up till now then the little you can do from your side to celebrate the “World Food Day” in real sense is to gift a pack of your favorite dish to someone who is really needy. 

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