World Polio Day: 5 Facts That You Must Know About The Paralysing Disease

On this occasion of World Polio Day, it’s all joy for us as we celebrate 5 years of India being awarded the “Polio Free” status by the World Health Organization (WHO). India along with the entire South-Asian region was declared Polio free in 2014.

Taking this opportunity we would like to share with you some facts related to the disease that once jolted India with a number of cases. These facts are all but sure to vanish your myths related to Polio. So, without much ado let’s get into it.

Eradicable Completely

If you thought that “polio-free” world is an impossible target to achieve then you are totally wrong. Unlike other global diseases, Polio has all the possibilities to be eliminated completely.


Polio generally has 3 strains of its causing agent wild poliovirus. If the virus couldn’t found an unvaccinated body then it dies out in a short period. The type 1 poliovirus was completely eliminated in the year 1999. Since 2012 no new case of type 2 poliovirus has surfaced globally. WHO said that 80% of the world is Polio free five years ago.

Largest Effort In The History

The global efforts to eradicate polio have been the largest ever-internationally coordinated effort in the history. Wide network of volunteers and effective support from global organizations and national governments scripted history.


Around 3 billion people on the face of the earth have been vaccinated for polio in the past 2 decades with the effective work of on-ground volunteers.

3 Hotspot In The World

Globally there are three countries in the world that have never stopped the transmission of polio. These countries have been transmitting polio in the world and put a threat on the success achieved on the elimination front.


Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria are those three hot spots. Inadequate health infrastructure, poor sanitation and nutrition, and prevailing poverty make the complete elimination of disease difficult. Threat looms on India as it lies in proximity in two of the three nations.

99% Decrease In Cases

Though there are challenges in the path of 100% polio eradication at the global level there is a positive trend that has surfaced. There has been a whopping 99% decrease in polio cases since the start if Global eradication program.


As per WHO, around 16 million people have been saved from Polio triggered paralysis due to the delivery of timely vaccinations.

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Still Paralyzing Children

In spite of achieving significant success in Polio eradication, the deadly disease is still targeting the children. It catches upon children under the age of 5 in the regions that have a poor reach of vaccination.


Children being weak on immunity front become easy target of poliovirus that cause paralysis and even death due to immobilization of breathing muscle.

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