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World’s First Flying Bike Has Been Created

The world’s first flying bike was launched at the Detroit Auto Show, United States by a Japanese startup company AERWINS Technologies. Resembling a Star Wars ship, XTURISMO is a hoverbike that can be seen in the below viral video flying with awesome stability. 

World's First Flying Bike Has Been Created

XTURISMO, World’s First Flying Bike Or Hoverbike

“This is the world’s first flying bike. The XTURISMO hoverbike is capable of flying for 40 minutes and can reach speeds of up to 62 mph”, Reuter captioned its post. 

Co-Chair of Detroit Auto Show, Thad Szott took the test flight of the bike at the motor show. He expressed his experience of riding the bike with two words “comfortable” and “exhilarating”. 

“I had goosebumps and felt like a little kid,” Thad said in a Euro news report. 

Bike’s Functionality

There are two large rotors at the central positions of the bike that are powered by gas fueled 228 HP Kawasaki motorcycle performance engine for the thrust. Moreover, There are four small electric-powered supporting motors, installed for stability at the outer edges of the vehicle. Currently, the bike weighs 299 KG and is 12 feet long. For safety, there is also an autonomous control unit. 

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Price And Upcoming Smaller Version 

There is a price tag of $777,000 (over Rs 6 crore) for XTURISMO, the world’s first flying bike. 

But Shuhei Komatsu, CEO and Founder of AERWINS, has assured us that the company is planning to launch a smaller version in the US in 2023.

Also, the company will be trying to cut the down price of the hoverbike to $50,000 for a smaller electric version. But it will be after a wait of 2-3 years till 2025. 

In Japan, the flying bike is already being sold. But due to safety concerns and extreme precautions, the owners are only allowed to fly it over race tracks. The company has made it clear that more electric versions of XTUTRISMO will be launched for urban use, and search and rescue and disaster response teams also. 

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