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Doctor Made India Proud By Performing World’s First Robotic Surgery In Gujarat

Yet again, India created history in the field of medical science.

A famous cardiologist from Ahmedabad has successfully performed world’s first telerobotic surgery in Gujrat.

The doctor was 32 km away from the patient but with the help of computer science and advanced robots, this surgery was made possible.

What has happened?

Robotic Surgery In Gujarat

Dr. Tejas Patel is the chief cardiologist at Ahmedabad-based Apex Heart Institute, who performed this surgery that no-one had ever attempted before. The doctor guided a robot to perform live surgery on a middle-aged woman, without being physically present anywhere near the hospital.

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At that point, he was at the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar, from where he remotely operated. While the patient was inside the operation theatre of Apex Heart Institute. Though, doctors have used the robotics methods of surgery many times in the past. But this is the first time someone has performed it remotely.

Robotic Surgery In Gujarat

This middle-aged woman suffered a heart attack a few days ago. And after the diagnosis, doctors found that she had blocked arteries. The doctors knew that she needed immediate surgery but as the chief cardiologist wasn’t available on the premises, she was explained about this new method of surgery, which was to be done remotely.

Though this kind of procedure was never used before, she still agreed to volunteer for it.

How is this such a great deal to talk about?

The success of this robotic surgery in Gujarat can make it possible for patients from rural areas to reach doctors easily. This achievement will undoubtedly become the future of surgery. And in the coming days, it will pose as a boon for the people who are suffering from heart or cardiovascular conditions.

Robotic Surgery In Gujarat

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani has witnessed the power of modern science and medicine. He has made a statement saying that the government will find the ways to implement this technology in the country. So that people from under-developed areas can get a better treatment.

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In Conclusion:

Now the world knows, it is possible to carry out complex surgeries like heart surgery from a remote location. And I’m proud to tell you that, this robotic surgery in Gujarat has made us the first country to make this breakthrough.

I couldn’t feel prouder, what about you?
Watch how they did the world’s first telerobotic surgery in Gujarat.

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