World’s Most Polluted Cities: You Might Want To Skip A Trip To These!

The world’s most polluting cities; perhaps you should avoid visiting them! The State of Global Air Initiative of the Health Effects Institute (HEI) has published a survey, which is the basis for this list.

1. Delhi, India

Delhi, India Pollution

The most populous city in the world was revealed to be Delhi, the capital of India. According to statistics, among the most polluted cities in the world, Delhi has the highest average level of fine PM2.5, with an annual exposure average of 110 g/m3.

2. Kolkata, India

Kolkata Pollution

In terms of exposure to dangerous fine particulates, Kolkata takes the next spot on the list of the world’s most polluted cities (PM2.5). Kolkata too reported an exposure level of 84 g/m3 per year.

3. Kano, Nigeria

Kano, Nigeria Pollution

The average annual PM2.5 concentration in Kano, Nigeria, was 83.6 g/m3. This indicates that residents of the aforementioned cities are exposed to PM 2.5 levels that are significantly higher than the average for the entire world.

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4. Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru Pollution

Lima, Peru, measured an average annual PM2.5 concentration of 73.2 g/m3. Only 117 countries presently have ground-level monitoring systems to track PM2.5, according to the WHO’s Air Quality Database, while only 74 countries check NO2 levels.

5. Bangladesh’s Dhaka

Bangladesh's Dhaka Pollution

Dhaka, the largest and capital city of Bangladesh, took fifth place with an average annual PM2.5 concentration of 71.4 g/m3. According to reports, in 2019 only four cities—none of them in India—met the WHO annual PM 2.5 air quality guideline of 5 g/m3.

6. Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia Pollution

The average annual PM2.5 concentration in Jakarta, Indonesia, was 67.3 g/m3. If reports are to be believed, China has made significant progress whereas Indonesia and India have seen the most dramatic increases in PM2.5 pollution.

7. Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria Pollution

Lagos, Nigeria, registered a 66.9 g/m3 annual average PM2.5 concentration. According to reports, out of 7239 cities, between 2010 and 2019, 18 to 20 cities in India and two cities in Indonesia saw the greatest increases in PM2.5 pollution.

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8. Pakistan’s Karachi

Pakistan's Karachi Pollution

With an average yearly PM2.5 concentration of 63.6 g/m3, Karachi, Pakistan, ranked sixth on a list of the world’s most polluted cities.

9. Beijing, China

Beijing, China Pollution

Beijing, China, measured an average annual PM2.5 concentration of 55 g/m3. With this achievement, it has climbed to number nine on the list.

10. Ghana’s Accra

Ghana's Accra Pollution

Accra, Ghana, came in at number ten on the list of the world’s most polluted cities with an average annual exposure of 51.9 g/m3.

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