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In A Bachelors Delight, World’s Smallest Washing Machine Is Here

For all the bachelors who couldn’t get enough from their weekend because they have clothes to wash, here is a solution. World’s smallest washing machine, Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean anything from laundry to make-up products and even food items. And the best part? It fits right in your pocket.

The eco-friendly and noiseless Sonic Soak works with 99.9% efficiency, claims the website. Sonic Soak deploys 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second that breaks down the dirt molecules while taking care of the germs.

The best thing about the device is that you don’t need additionally scrubbing in most of the cases. All you need to do is place the item that needs cleaning along with the device in a bowl of water and turn it on.

The device creates bubbles that hit the object, creating a vacuum that sucks the dirt and oil.

The device consumes “40X less water and 15X less energy” than regular washing machines. Additionally, it can be used to clean laundry, food, jewellry, personal care tools, baby products, and more.

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As per Reviewed, which tested the device, the device produces high-grade results only when it comes to recent stains. The report added that the device works best as a “pre-treat option for delicate items.”

sonic soak

Further, the device struggled with cleaning glass and ceramic dishes. As per the test by Reviewed, Sonic Soak cleaned a wine glass but it struggled with cleaning a coffee mug with day-old stains. The stain reportedly came off with a single swipe of a paper towel. The device which costs approx Rs. 10,750 proves quite effective “For cleaning objects with tons of nooks and crannies”


So in case, you have been searching for a travel companion, if you don’t have a cleaning device, you can consider this pocket-friendly device.

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