World’s Strongest Passport List is Out: See Where India Stands

Did you know that based on your passport, you may not need VISA to some countries and some countries may offer you the service of a Visa on Arrival?

World’s Strongest Passport List is Out: See Where India Stands

In the list of the World’s Strongest Passports, Passport Index 2022 published by Arton Capital, India ranks number 69 and I will share the rest of the details in this article. Let’s first look at the top 4 ranking countries whose passports can take the holder to most of the countries without a pre-approved VISA.

According to the same Passport Index, the World’s Strongest, UAE ranks at the top of the list. People who are residents of the UAE holding a passport can enter 180 countries with just their passports. They can avail of the facility of Visa on Arrival for 59 countries and would require a pre-approved VISA for only 89 countries.

The 2nd position on the index is backed by 10 European countries which include Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Luxembourg, and South Korea. Their passport holders can travel to 126 countries without a VISA and can avail Visa on Arrival for 47 countries.

The 3rd position is backed by the United States whose passport holders can travel to 116 countries without a VISA whereas the UK ranks in the number 4 position.

Where does India Rank?

As mentioned before, India ranks number 69, which gives its passport the power to visit 24 nations without a pre-approved visa. In addition to that, we can also go to 48 countries and apply for a Visa on Arrival. However, we would need a pre-approved VISA to travel to 126 countries.

Also, we share this rank with other countries which are Gambia, Ghana, Uzbekistan, and Tanzania.

Who are the Lasts?

The last ones on the list are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and Iraq where Afghanistan has only 38 countries in its VISA-free list, Pakistan has 10 followed by Syria and Iraq with only 8 on the list.

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