Worried About Losing Your House Registry? Read More About What You Need To Do In Such Situations

It’s likely that you’ve heard of examples of land and property fraud, and it’s important to take several precautions to prevent being a victim of such crimes. Ownership documentation for your home serves as proof of property. But what if a copy of your house’s registry exists with someone else and the original copy is lost? Can they put their name on the house’s registration?

The reassuring fact is that a copy of your property registry is always kept in the registrar’s office. There is no need to worry about losing your duplicate since if the original is lost, it can be quickly found. However, if someone else has access to it, being aware of what to do if your register is lost can protect you from possible fraud.

Here’s What You Need To Do To Protect Your Property

File A Police Complaint

Go to the nearest police station to report the loss of your original property record. Keep one copy of the FIR, and send another copy to the registrar’s office. Inform the sub-registrar of the loss in writing.

Notarize An Undertaking

Think about getting a property undertaking on stamp paper that has been notarized. Include all property information, information on lost papers, FIR information, and the newspaper article announcing the loss of documents. The undertaking must be filed, notarized, and delivered to the local registrar’s office.

Obtain Duplicate Documents

After filing the property undertaking, visit the registrar’s office to request duplicate documents. A copy of the FIR, the newspaper ad, and the notarized undertaking should be provided. You might have to pay some processing costs, but you’ll get a copy of the selling deed in your name.

By taking these above-mentioned precautions, you can protect your assets and avoid fraud in the event that your house documents are misplaced.

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