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12 Things Men Worry About in Secret But Don’t Discuss Out In The Open

They always say, no one knows what a woman wants. There are many stories written, films produced and documentaries made, which reflect an ounce of what women really want.


On the contrary, women are an open book. You can read their thoughts, identify what they want because they try to let you know what’s on their mind. Also, they are not as brooding and as secretive as men.

Find the theory strange?

Well, you won’t when I am done listing down the secrets men hold in their hearts and never let anyone know, even if it keeps them frowning and worried.

1) Am I man enough?

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The masculinity and machoism are associated with a man, since the beginning of the time. Even they themselves are raised as powerful better sex than females. So, it is often when a man feels like crying or speaking their heart out, they find it awfully difficult to do.

Although a lot of men are breaking this image now, however most of them are still in the clutches of age-old norms. You need to understand that even you are an emotional being and it is not a question of being man enough if you are sad or scared.

2) Am I doing enough for my kids?

worried man

It is even more prominent in men in today’s age where they want to be their kid’s heroes and role models but they don’t know how. The problems begin where they start equating spending time with fun.

Spending a whole lot of money and buying expensive gifts is not an ideal example of quality time. And then they worry if they did enough? Men!!

3) Am I good in bed?

worried man

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Men are always in a dilemma if they did good in bed. They want a constant assurance that they are good. And if you do something like spend time with your girlfriends instead of spending time in bed, they think it’s because you are not enjoying your sex life with him.

It is one of the worst fears they have.

4) Am I financially strong enough?

worried man

Money matters are indeed a reason for stress for everyone nowadays. And if you are the sole earner in the house it befalls you to keep your job, do the right thing, find ways to make more money to keep your family happy. And this certainly stresses you out, but like always you rarely share it with anyone especially your own spouse.

5) Am I doing enough for my parents?

worried man

In the age of nuclear families and migration to bigger cities for better jobs, a lot of you must have parents living alone. The thought always keeps a man up at night. If you should do a little more in terms of providing all the luxury you can and help them financially.

6) Am I losing my hair?

worried man

Everyone start losing their hair after a certain age. A study from Mayo clinic revealed that men have a great fear of hair loss since they associate it with their attractiveness.

So, if your man is trying everything to get his hair back, maybe he is really stressed out about it.

7) Am I getting fat?

worried man

Men hate getting fat and pot-bellied. Not that they can help it while chugging beers with buddies. Albeit the reasons, they ponder over the issue and come up with a great many ideas to try to get fit like, playing or going to the gym. Whilst it is always good to stay fit, the stress won’t help you reach your goals anytime soon.

8) Is my thingy of the right size?

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It sounds unbelievably true. A research reveals that more than 40 percent of men aren’t satisfied with their size. They stress over it and even feel conscious to begin new relationships on account of this worry.

Women, on the contrary, don’t care about the size, the same study further adds.

9) Why does she have to give me a cold treatment?

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Men hate fights but they hate the cold treatment even more. After a fight, if you are cold and distant, they will die of stressing over why you can’t just resolve it once and for all.

10) Why can’t she resolve household issues without bothering me for once?

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After a long hard day at work, if your spouse has nothing but house issues to discuss, you are bound to get stressed. We don’t blame you here.

Everyone has to cool off the office pressure and they seek solace at home; burdening them with more worries can only worsen the situation.

11) Why is she getting so distant and seems happier in other’s company?

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Men will always push you to be independent and cool and go out with friends and not sulk inside the house, but the moment you do that, they began getting worried about you having too much fun with friends.

12) Does everyone need more sex or is it just me?

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Men need all kinds of satisfaction from a relationship, sometimes more than women. So, if you are not “having any” for days or not paying his problems any attention, they get stressed out that you may be doing it on purpose to maintain distance.


It is not like these worrisome issues are very hard to tackle, but be it ignorance or machoism, call it what you want, you sometimes don’t admit you have some problem and it is likely your partner has no clue of your issues.

Our advice, be more human, don’t try to be a perfect gentleman who has no problems and who can do it all by himself. We all need help rowing the boats of our lives and if talking helps, you should do exactly that.

Try it and see the difference for yourself.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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