WTF News: Idiotic Hindi News Headlines That Will Make You Say “WTF”

Along with providing actual information, news also educates people. But in this era, maintaining the authenticity of being a news channel has been left behind. The focus is much on TRP and circulation, which has shaped the art of presenting news in a different way. Thus, many posts WTF news.

Over the internet, you will find several headlines and pictures going viral every day. Of course, it is our fault too because we only read the news by looking at them only. The headlines of these pictures and news will surely leave you stunned. People with proficiency in Photoshop have a good hand in making such photos.

We all have some standards over the reporting style of news. But this time we have listed the collection of idiotic Hindi News headlines that grabs a different league.

So, let’s have a look.

What Will You Say?

Source Scoopwhoop<br><br>

Facebook Wala Pyaar

Source Storyepic<br><br>

They Prove “Love Is Blind” True

Source Smileworld<br><br>

Reason Why Boys Are Not Toppers

Source logspot<br><br>

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Newspaper Also Teach This

Source blogspot<br><br>

Shameless; Isn’t it?

Source abhilashruhela<br><br>

Will You Ask For Chutney Now?

Source imgur<br><br>

What Will You See? 

Source Photobucket<br><br>

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Battle of Sixes

Source Storeyepic<br><br>

Seriously? What BIG B Will Be Thinking?

Source Storeyepic<br> <br>

See What Mobile Can Let You Do

Source Storyepic<br><br>

Soul Tremble News

Source Filmymagic<br><br>

Love Affair

Source Google User Content<br><br>

What, When?

Source BaklolNO<br><br>

36 Hours? Is It Possible?

Source Humor<br><br>

Singh Vivek

With over 5 years of writing obituaries for a different organisation, I have a uniquely wry voice that shines through in my newest collection of articles.

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