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9 Famous WWE Stars In Movies That You Didn’t Notice

There is no 90s kid who don’t know about WWE trump cards.

That used to be the most preferred game during summer vacation. I don’t even remember how many cards did the deck have. But one thing that I remember, one of my friend had bought the biggest pack of such cards available in the market. It had more than 100 cards and thus featuring 100 different WWE wrestlers.

We all used to look upon him like a god of trump cards.

wwe cards game

This is another reason why brands like Lays and Uncle Chips got mainstream success. Because our sole reason of buying those air filled bags back in those days was, a trump card that will come free along with it.

And based on the choice of our famous WWE stars, we used to trade those trump cards with our ‘gully friends’.

And as we look back now, we grew up faster than we hoped for.

And our favorite WWE stars of those times, are Hollywood stars now. Some of them have even become superstars while few are featuring as superheroes.

I have collected a list of some of the most famous WWE stars and the movies they appeared in. Check out how many of these have you watched and spotted your favorite characters.

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

the rock wwe star in movies

He is not the earliest WWE star to appear in Hollywood. But definitely he has done lot more movies as compared to any other WWE star appearing in movies. He started his movie career with a documentary film ‘Beyond the mat’ which was about the life of wrestlers of the then WWF(World Wrestling Federation which is now WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

He rose to success after his appearance in ‘The Mummy series’. Post that he delivered back to back successful movies like Faster, Fast Five, Journey 2, Snitch, G.I. Joe and many more.

He has also worked with our very own Priyanka Chopra in Baywatch. His latest movie was Rampage which did OK in the box office. This man is difficult to not notice. Hence, if you saw his movies there is no way you missed him.

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He has also appeared in many famous TV series like That 70s show, Star Trek, Transformers etc. And not just this, he also did a voice role in a video game called Spy Hunter.

He has three movies already lines up for him of which ‘Skyscraper’ is releasing this year i.e. 2018.

2. Goldberg

Goldberg wwe star in movies

Goldberg appeared for a very small time in WWE and the disappeared. In then short duration though, he made so many fans that everyone still admire him and miss him to see him again at WWE. His energy and stamina levels were through the roof. And who can forget his special move ‘The Spear’.

godlberg spear

His real fans would have definitely identified him in movies like Universal Soldier, The Longest Yard etc.

This alpha male started his career in 1999 with ‘The Jesse Ventura Story’ as ‘Luger’. However, he did already act in TV series before that and also appeared recently in ‘The Flash’ as ‘Big Sir’. However, he has not been really famous, but have been active in Hollywood from past 20 years.

Though, there is no news of Goldberg appearing in any movies sooner.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin

stone cold wwe star in movies

Beer! Beer! And more Beer! Every drop that fell out of his can due to his taunting, hurts us now.

As ritual goes, don’t you drop that alcohol, never drop that alcohol.

wwe wrestler stone cold in beer

Stone cold has acted in more than 15 movies till date. Did fans recognize him in ‘The Expendables‘ movie? Sad if you didn’t. He appeared as Dan Paine in the movie.

Stone Cold started his movie career in 1999 with a documentary movie starring himself. Post that, featured in movies like The Condemned, Damage, Grown Ups 2 etc.

4. Chris Jericho

chris jericho wwe star in movies

He hasn’t had a very fancy film career. Though starred in various movies with other WWE co-stars and also appeared in various TV series. He appeared as Frank Korver in MacGruber. Maybe he did not have that popular career in Hollywood, but have gained some recognition as lead singer. Apart from making others sing to his tunes inside the ring, he also has his own heavy metal band called ‘Fozzy’.

5. John Cena

john cena wwe star in movies

More than his fighting career, he has always been admired for his style and his word life ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect’. Apart from being a great wrestler, he is also a rapper and have done various songs. In fact,  his entrance music is written & produced by Cena himself.

Starting his movie career in 2000, he has been doing great in Hollywood as well. He has featured in some of the most talked about movies like, 12 Rounds as Danny Fisher, The Hangover 3, Fred, Ferdinand, Bumblebee etc.

He is also doing voice for a character ‘Yoshi’ in an upcoming movie ‘The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle’.

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6. Bautista (Batista)

batista wwe star in movies

Always known for a fair game play. With ring name Batista, he has achieved mainstream success in WWE and now on the success path in movies as well. With the very recent release of Avengers: Infinity war, movie which has received worldwide success, has launched the career of all the characters featured in it.

He has done more than 20 movies so far and already bagged role of one superhero as ‘Drax, The destroyer’. He is soon to be seen in Escape plan series and upcoming Marvel movies.

7. Kevin Nash

kevin nash wwe star in movies

Only fans would have spotted him in John Wick. In case if you missed, then look carefully for ‘Francis‘. Besides this, he is featured in a lot other famous movies like Dead or Alive as Bass Armstrong, Almighty Thor (Not the one with Chris Hemsworth), Rock of Ages, Magic Mike etc.

8. Triple H

triple h wwe star in movie

I still try to spit water like him. Though, never achieved success once.

wwe triple h water spit

Triple H was among the most admired, most cheered for character in WWE. His recent fight in Wrestlemania 28 with The Undertaker got a lot of attention as two main wrestlers of WWE were locking horns in one of a kind match called ‘Hell in a cell’.

He was seen in ‘Blade: Trinity’ as Jarko Grimwood, Inside Out etc. Though, he do not have a very huge career in Hollywood so far, but established a very big name in wrestling entertainment business.

9. Hulk Hogan

wwe star in movie hulk hogan

I’d say Hulk Hogan was the Dwayne Johnson of his time. He has done a lot of movies before millennium. In fact, he also did his own version of Baywatch movie. He has been featured in iconic movies like Rocky III as Thunderlips, Gremlins 2, Little Hercules.

There are many more wrestlers who did few movies here n there. Like Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Kane, The Undertaker, Big Show, Andre The Giant, The Great Khali are some of the other famous names who appeared in Hollywood movies.

Who is your favorite WWE character you expect to see in Hollywood?

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