You Are Sure To Break These New Year’s Resolution And Yes I Can Bet That

The new year is almost here and like every year your new year’s resolution might have come by now. You would be pumped and excited for the 1st of January as if the resolution you have taken would wash all your sins and mark your re-birth (well that’s what the level of excitement is generally).

While some of you might succeed in carrying in your resolutions till the year-end most would fall on the 1st day itself. And if your resolution is anything out of these (discussed below) then I bet you would not be able to sustain it no matter what.

Lose Weight

Unless you are a girl who is planning to or is scheduled to marry soon or someone who has some defining reasons behind weight loss (maybe selection in government job at stake) this resolution would not last long.

There is a reason to prove it as well. The moment you see your favorite dish (say burger) your mind would give you signals to satisfy the urge and then the thought would pop up in your mind “Ek bar hi to kha raha/rahi hoon, Zayda exercise kar loonga/longi” and you would eat that. Boom, game over then.

Spend More Time With Family

Well, you might say this is an easy one no way you can miss out on keeping this resolution alive. However, to your surprise (or shock, as you like) you wouldn’t be able to keep that up as well.

Again I have reasons to make you believe this. Every one of us has an ambition and dream and if you are in a working-age group (15-58) then add to that dream the responsibilities on you. That need to balance your responsibilities with the move towards your dream would push you to work hard and be dedicated. Thus, you might have even less time than at present to spend with family.

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If the first reason didn’t fall in line with you then this one would for sure. With everything coming in your hand in the face of the device called mobile you are all but sure to be engaged. Tell me what’s the first thing you do when you are free or want to get relaxed? Check your phone right?

Be Less Stressed

I don’t have to give you reasons to believe that this resolution can be broken in no time. The moment you come out of hangover in the morning (or I say the afternoon) of 1st January you would be in stress right away.

Wondering why? Well, the thought that you spent too much on party last night and you still have some good number of days to manage before your salary comes would put you in stress right away. Truth served hard right?

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If you are able to keep on with these resolutions for long (till the end of the year or even 6 months) then do let me know. Otherwise I am winning the bet anyways (?).

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