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You Can Use This Chrome Extension To Skip The Scary Parts Of A Movie

Before we start, note that this extension only works for Disney movies. So now, if you are wondering can Disney movies be scary? Well, you need to go back to being a 5-year old and you might understand.

To help kids not get scared of a Disney movie, a new Chrome extension from creator Thomas Park lets users skip the more well-known “scary parts” of select movies on Disney+.

Source – Mashable

The tool is currently only available for movies including Beauty and the beast (1991), FantasiaFrozenThe Little Mermaid, and Moana, and is taking requests for new titles (may we suggest The Lion King and Bambi?).

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The website called No Scary Parts defines any “overly dramatic, traumatic, or just plain creepy” scene as scary. You can add the extension to your Chrome browser just by clicking here.

Source – Mashable

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The No Scary Parts website also marks a scene as scary with a purple mark, which denotes what section of the movies will be skipped. You can hover for the exact timestamp.

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