‘You Don’t Need To Be Captain To Be A Leader’: Virat Kohli

Recently Virat Kohli gave a detailed interview to Kamlesh Goyal on his show ‘Fireside Chat’ that aired on Youtube.

Virat was in a candid position and gave some of the best answers for his fans to know him better. He said that he does not need to be a captain of the Indian Cricket Team to be a leader. He suggested that he would keep contributing more as a batsman.

Earlier this month Virat Kohli stepped down as a Test Captain.

Kamlesh asked Virat that he is loved by children of age 4 to elders who are over and above 60 years of age. Does he get comfortable with the love and adulation?

To which Virat Kohli said, ‘You get used to it but it has become more like second nature to me. I have grown in a middle class family and have mingled with a lot of people from childhood. But over the years isolation has come naturally to me because engaging with people all the time gets overwhelming. If I am doing something and someone is making a video of me I get uncomfortable. It gets difficult for me to register naturally.

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How do you retain your focus on a thing like Cricket which is so competitive and constantly evolving? How do you aspire yourself to keep working hard regularly?

Virat Kohli said, “I have been very fortunate and I would not say I have done everything. I have been blessed by opportunities and hard work has been part of it as well. There are a lot of people who have worked harder than me but they have not been able to reach heights. I am very grateful for the opportunities and I have always worked hard and kept my focus sharp.”

He also said during interview that, “Everything has a tenure and time period. You obviously have to be aware of that.”

Virat talked about him taking over captaincy of Indian Cricket from MS Dhoni. MS Dhoni till date is a very respected and loved player and it was not an easy task to fill his shoes. Virat said, “When MS Dhoni was in the team it was not like that he was not a leader. He was still the guy we were going to constantly to get inputs from.”

The interview was a sheer representation of Virat Kohli is as a person. The interview was a great opportunity for his fans. He is a very private person and not often he gets candid in his interviews. It has been hard time for the player with media speaking ill about him.

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