You May Need A ‘Vaccine Passport’ To Travel From Next Year

Normalcy might soon be on the cards as the world has already begun vaccinating billions to save them from the wrath of coronavirus. However, despite the normalcy, some things are to become a new normal in 2021; like Vaccine Passport.

Source – Quartz

As per a report by CNN, companies are developing apps that are to carry proof that one has tested negative of COVID-19. These apps would be your passport to concert venues, stadiums, movie theaters, offices, or even countries.

Here is everything you need to know about Vaccine Passport

Some countries are planning to introduce apps that would entail details of an individual’s latest COVID virus test and also details of the vaccinations they might have received.

A good example of this is CommonPass app, created by the Common Trust Network. The app allows one to store their medical history such as the Covid-19 test result or proof of vaccination. Once done, the app generates a QR code. This code can be used to access airports, clubs or any place where you need to show that you are not COVID positive.

Common Trust Network is an initiative by The Commons Project and the World Economic Forum. These organizations have roped in airlines such as Cathay Pacific, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, etc, to implement the vaccine passport at check-ins and check-outs.

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One similar app is currently being developed by IBM too. This app allows companies to scan for their requirements of entry, such as coronavirus tests and temperature checks.
Source – The Today Show

However, WHO, reacting on the same, said that there is no evidence that one, who has recovered from covid-19, has developed antibodies against the virus. So it is not feasible to put one’s trust in these apps.

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“At this point in the pandemic, there is not enough evidence about the effectiveness of antibody-mediated immunity to guarantee the accuracy of an “immunity passport” or “risk-free certificate,” the WHO said, adding that such app can increase the risks of continued transmission.

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