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#YouAreOfficiallyOldIf You Remember These Things

The weekend is already here, and so our penchant to meditate what we can do in these lazy two days. While you can always feast on web series for entertainment purposes, but in an attempt to try something different, why not be a part of a really exciting online trend that has been creating all the buzz lately?

A hashtag, #YouAreOfficiallyOldIf, is trending online that will surely inspire you to take a toll back into time, bringing back some really old memories, especially from the 90s. Notably, netizens from across the length and the breadth of the world are sharing pictures of old stuff they had or did in the 90s under the hashtag.

Images of telephones, typewriters, cassettes and pencils found a mention in the trending hashtag giving us a glimpse of how life was before the arrival of the internet. Here are some tweets which brought some of our memories back.



People interestingly shared their memories from days when they used to watch Hanna Montana and several other Disney shows.

While some simply reminded us of the destruction we have been causing to the Mother Earth.

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