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This 2-Year-Old Girl Won The Competition Of Creepiest Halloween Costume

Watching kids wear cute costumes, and asking for trick or treat is the best part about Halloween. In India, we might not follow this foreign trend but just like others, we do love to watch kids in their cute dresses, don’t we?

Though not every other kid wants to dress like a cute superhero or princess, some kids get more innovative. That’s why they ask their parents to dress them like a creepy ghost (and some of them take it pretty seriously)

Recently uploaded on Instagram, the picture of a girl carrying her own head, won the title of “the creepiest Halloween costume” of this year.

Halloween Costume

Dressed up in her ghost/zombie costume, 2-year-old Maya Hwang from Philipines did look creepy AF.

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From where did she get her dress?

Her costume was designed by her mother and we can see how she managed to achieve that creepy look. Thankfully other kids were not scared when Maya was with them.

In the video that went viral, we can see the trick that Maya’s mother used. It took her 2 days to design and fabricate this costume.

Maya’s costume looks like a floral dress with an opening near the chest, that allowed her to take out her head. But what makes her costume scarier is that extended back with fake arms wrapping Maya’s head, that seems like she is carrying her own head.

Wondering where she collects her treat? Don’t worry, she got a smart mom who placed the bucket hidden inside her dress where her neck supposes to be.

She has won the school competition for best Halloween costume in Paranaque City and her video of walking down the street wearing her Halloween costume has gone viral.

Check the video if you haven’t already.

In Conclusion

I wish Indians also start celebrating Halloween so that kids (I want to include myself as well) can get unlimited candies for one day, which they love. Also, they get to dress as creepy cuties which would be so much fun to watch.

Tell me if I am wrong?

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