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Your Employer’s Kindness Towards You Can Boost Your Performance And Mental Health

A research conducted by Penn State University, U.S.A. has revealed an interesting aspect of employer-employee relationship on the latter’s health. The research that was published International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics highlighted the role of “being kind towards employees”.


As per the report, small offerings from the side of the employer can go a long way in reducing employee’s stress and boosting his performance and mental health. The research was conducted by a team of international researchers on bus drivers from China. The job of the bus drivers were found to be challenging and stressful both physically and mentally by the researchers.

The results of the research showed that even small gestures of kindness from the employer like, “offering a fresh fruit in lunch meal” can be as effective as anything. The researchers also assessed participants’ confidence in completing tasks and reaching specific goals as a part of there studies.

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Results also showed that there was an improvement in participants’ depression levels and self-efficacy. In modern-day lifestyle work-related stress is a major cause behind diseases like back pain, depression, heart ailments, muscle pain, etc.  Further, it affects focus on work and brings down efficiency.


Small acts of kindness and cooperation from the employers can be a big boost in avoiding the menace of the work-related stress.



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