YouTube Now Plays Back-To-Back Ads Before A Video, Can My Life Get Any Harder?

Double is often fun, and some cool examples would be the “ek ke sath ek free” wala offer or whatever dirty that pops on your mind post reading the first line. In a nutshell, the joy of being exposed to more of something is incomparable what-so-ever.

However, there are also things in life we just can’t tolerate having more of. Example siblings (ehh!! just kidding), so many friends that you have to give a party to and irritating and cruel back-to-back YouTube ads.

Ever saw a luring YouTube video thumbnail that lightens the urge to see what it entails? Because same. But once you click to watch the video, an ad pops up. Cool!! an ad is obvious. They need to make money to survive. And I can wait for 6 seconds.

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And once I had finished watching the first ad, a second one pops up. Destruction!! Seriously??

The worst part about back-to-back YouTube ads is, surprisingly, not the back to back ads but the irrelevant ads that it targets me with. I don’t need a car YouTube, can’t you see the peanuts in my pockets?

YouTube announced back to back ads earlier this year and in return compensated the users by letting them watch a longer video without interruptions. Fair enough? You people judge for yourself for I am too busy skipping these ads.

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Although we will, obviously, one day get habitual to back-to-back ads, however, YouTube can you please find some other way to make money? YouTube Plezzzz!!

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