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Bengaluru : Zomato Delivery Boy Captured In A Viral Video Eating Food And Resealing The Box

Bengaluru seems to be hotspot when it comes to making viral news.

After every now and then, something viral happens in the city. And it gets circulated all across the country. Last month, it was about a drunk cabbie driving without front wheels and # FootPathBeku. And today it’s about a Zomato delivery boy.

What was the incident about?

A viral video started doing rounds on social media platforms which showed a Zomato delivery boy enjoying a meal.

Zomato delivery boy

Well, nothing wrong about it, right? Absolutely not, the meal he was chomping down was supposed to be delivered to a customer.

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Zomato delivery boy

And the guy in the video was rather enjoying a portion of the meal that certainly didn’t belong to him.

Zomato delivery boy

The two-minutes video also showed the Zomato delivery boy carefully repacking the box and also resealing the paper packet with sellotape.

Zomato delivery boy

It seems like its an everyday job for him because his tummy sure as hell looked like it has been eating a lot (for free).

Thank the gods for the person, who shot this video. That too, so stealthily that the Zomato delivery boy had no idea that someone was capturing him while he was relishing on a meal that he was supposed to deliver.

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What did Zomato say about it?

As expected, the authorities were shocked about the whole incident and investigated the whole matter. Soon, they found out where the incident took place and took required actions against the delivery boy.

The Zomato officials were quoted saying, “We have found that the video was shot in Madurai; the person in the video is a delivery partner on our fleet. We have spoken to him at length – and while we understand that this was a human error in judgment, have taken him off the platform”.

ViralBake Telegram
Watch the entire video here:

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In Conclusion:

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a food delivery guy was captured eating out customer’s food. It raises a very ethical question about the whole food delivery concept. I mean, if the delivery platforms can’t even guarantee untouched and unconsumed food, what are they charging for?

Moreover, it’s a shame that delivery guys, who are to be trusted with food deliveries do something which is unethical on all levels.

I hope Zomato does something about it on a serious front, otherwise, there will be a lot of trouble for them in the future.

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