10 Aesthetically Tiny Airports From Across The World That Are No Less Than A Tourist Destination

Used to seeing big airports with lots of planes on standby? Well, for some airports, the phrase the bigger, the better doesn’t quite justify their aesthetics. And you will believe us once you behold these tiny yet beautiful airports from across the world that are no less than a tourist destination.

1. Lord Howe Island Airport, Australia

This volcanic crescent-shaped island off the New South Wales coast in Australia is also a UNESCO heritage site visited only by a handful but surely some of the luckiest people in the world.

2. Barra Airport, Scotland

The landing strip on the Hebridean island of Barra is one of a kind. Its rugged texture has the planes landing on the lovely white sands of Tràigh Mhòr beach. The airport has been named the second most scenic airport in the world.

3. St Helena Airport, St Helena, British Overseas Territory

Tucked on the top of an outpost lying somewhere between Africa and South America is the Helena Airport is sometimes also called the most useless airport in the world. The only link the island has with the world is via a Royal Mail ship that anchors on the island every three weeks.

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4. Paro International Airport, Bhutan

With the river flowing on one side and a lush green mountain standing on the other, Paro is one airport that you wouldn’t want to leave.

5. Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen, Germany

Located on the banks of Bodenses this airport has everything to wow an onboarder as they land. During their descent, passengers get to behold the glorious views of the Alpine foothills and glassy waters of Germany’s largest lake.

6. Samui International Airport, Thailand

More than its landing strip, the architecture of the Samui International Airport wows even more. The privately-owned airport is made from locally sourced wood and rattan, with thatched roofs and palm-tree pillars.

7. Gustaf III Airport, St Barts, the Caribbean

This airport is a tad bit unique for it has the planes swooping down a steep hill and that too just feet away from traffic and vegetation. You miss, I hit is a really thing here.

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8. Svalbard Airport, Norway

Svalbard Airport sits on the Svalbard archipelago, a scattering of islands in the Arctic sea between Norway and the North Pole. 

9. Juancho Yrausquin International Airport, Saba, the Caribbean

Pilots, when landing at the Juancho Yrausquin International Airport, have a mere 400 metre to pull the breaks or else the ocean awaits additional junk than it already has. Yet, the beauty in the vicinity of the airport would make waiting for the flight a beautiful experience.

10. Tenzing-Hillary Airport, Lukla, Nepal

Tenzing-Hillary is one of the busiest airports in Nepal. It’s dubbed the world’s most dangerous airport for its clifftop runway that sits at a fearsome height of 9,200-foot with a 2.8km drop ahead. 

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So finally in love with airports?

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