12 Instances That Prove That 2020 Earth Day Is The Best The World Has Had In Centuries

April 22 every year is marked as Earth day and the same goes for this year too. However, unlike every year, Earth Day for the world in 2020 is a tad bit different. Or should I say, peaceful? To be honest, to me it feels like all this coronavirus pandemic was the Earth’s way to prepare itself for a peaceful and glowing Earth Day. It also craves pampering I wonder.

Well, that being a fictional imagination also entails some truth to it. Because literally, the Earth is doing well amidst lockdown. The sky is clear, water is cleaner, animals have returned, what else could the earth ask for?

So that being said, here are 12 instances that prove why this earth day is better than any other, and maybe the best we will ever see in this lifetime.

1. Mountain range that lies in Himachal’s Kangra is visible for the first time in decades from Jalandhar, Punjab, due to lack of pollution.
Jalandhar mountains
Source – Twitter

2. Fishes have returned in Italy’s Venice canals as lockdown ensures the water in the canal is clean enough for their survival.
nature Italy

3. Water in Ganga in places like Haridwar and Rishikesh has become clean and one can even drink it for now.
Clean water river

4. Pink Flamingos recently returned to Mumbai and are giving Mumbaikars pleasant sights to behold.

5. Pollution across the world has dipped to unprecedented numbers as people continue to stay at their homes.
Source – Curly Tales

6. Animals are moving from their habitat and reclaiming the streets across the world.
mountain goats

7. Birds revisit the Bengaluru’s Sadaramangala lake.

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8. Peacocks are resting because no one is there to heckle them.

9. Deers reclaim the highways.

10. Endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles laid millions of eggs on India’s beaches

11. Lions nap on road during South African lockdown
Source – BBC

12. Monkeys enjoy swimming while humans stay home.

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