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21 Funny And Creative Traffic Signs That Will Make You Regret Ignoring Traffic Signs

While travelling, we hardly pay attention to traffic signs. And sometimes, it is not just the traffic sign that you’re ignoring but it is the creativity of the person who came up with the warning sign that is being ignored.

Don’t trust us? Then while you’re under lockdown, and roads are no more the place you’re welcomed at, we bring you some of the most creative and funny traffic signs that will make you regret ignoring them.

1. Bored while driving? Solve a puzzle.

2. Sassy is the word.

3. If you honk, it will spill some beans.

4. Wahh Wahh?

5. Or else no power in the world will be able to save you.

6. So what did a road trip teach you?

7. You never know what could come from above.

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8. So you’re a cat now with a steering wheel.

9. Emm, no thank you?

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10. No one taught me what that means.

11. Santa’s deer passing.

12. You can’t beat an Indian’s creativity.

13. Walking dead already?

14. Truly said.

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15. Wow, take me there.

16. Noted.

17. Uff, that’s too sexy to handle.

18. The road ain’t closed, the road is lava man.

19. Like Nike says, Just do it.

20. I won’t mind an accident.

21. Come late but in one piece.

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Source – Pinterest, Daily Moss

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