5 Business Ideas To Step Into Global Market With Low Investment

Stepping into the global market is every businessman’s dream. In today’s world, not every business needs heavy investment. In this article, we have discussed 5 export business ideas that need investment amounts as low as Rs.50,000.

According to the report issued by the United Nations, in 2020 around 18 million Indians will be scattered around the world and living away from their country. One of the statements made by Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal states that India’s export capacity has increased 37 percent in December 2021. And in this fiscal year, the country’s merchandise exports will cross $400 billion. 

If we think from the point of view of this data, numerous opportunities are lying in the global market from India. 

numerous opportunities are lying in the global market from India. 

Here is the list of five export business ideas that need a low Investment amount as low as Rs.50,000 created by SMBstory.

Imitation Jewelry Or Artificial Jewellery

Indian jewelry is very famous around the world. This industry has massive potential growth. Everyone loves the beauty of our ethnic jewelry and they attract every Indian. This business idea is highly suited for low investment export projects. You can give the contracts to the manufacturers to produce the latest collection. 

Create your website to sell your jewelry directly to the consumer. Or make contacts with the market places that accept international orders. Top destinations to sell your imitation jewelry can be the US with a market share of 22 percent, the UAE with a 14.3 percent market share, and the UK with an 8.39 percent market share. 

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India can be awarded to be the largest exporter of Pickles. We export pickles to 54 countries around the world, this data reveals the craze of pickles outside the Indian boundaries. Pickles have the power to make our taste buds go crazy. 

If you want to become a successful businessman with low investment, selling pickles can be a great idea. Read the situation here, you can start the pickle business with Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000 and choose any country out of 54 importers around the world. 


The best thing about the papad business is that you can start this business without a fancy office. Papad business requires a very small setup and one can start it from home. You can produce handmade papads or make them with the help of machinery. 

According to legitimate reports, India exports papads to 121 countries around the world. Thus business setup requires a minimum amount of Rs.20,000.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks or we call them agarbatti, are very high in demand across the globe. India is the biggest exporter of incense sticks with over 150 importer countries. 

Its popularity is rising with the need for aromatherapy and meditation sessions. one can start the incense stick business with the lowest investment of Rs.50000.


Indian Handicraft products are in high demand globally. They just love using our beautiful hand-crafted products like sarees, handbags, footwear, paintings, and many more. Many successful businesses are making a massive amount of profits by this idea. 

One more benefit of this business is that it creates employment opportunities for talented artisans.

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