5 Ways That Will Help You Rein Masturbation Addiction

Anything excessively done can be harmful with masturbation being no exception. While masturbation in every sense is completely normal (it helps relieve stress, enhance blood flow to the genitals, and improve your performance in bed), however, exceeding a limit could be compelling.

Thus, in case you have lost control of masturbation and need to fix that for yourself, here are 5 ways that will help you rein the habit.

1. Avoid Pornography


The free and easy availability and accessibility of pornographic content can be vow-breaking often. When trying to control masturbation addiction, any form of obscene content, be it a video or image, could spark an urge to ‘do it’. Hence, try to stay away from any such content, however, ensure you don’t go too hard on yourself.

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2. Restrict Me Time


Me time serves an opportunity for your mind to think ways to ‘entertain yourself’. Thus it is advised to restrain the time you spend with yourself and socialize more often. Sit around with friends or join a club, get a gym membership or whatever.

3. Exercising Can Literally Solve Everything


Exercising daily is a powerful way to thwart the urge to masturbate or watch porn or 100 other such things, for it keeps you active and your mood lively. The urge to masturbate is immense when you feel lazy and aroused. However, exercising shifts your focus in a positive direction. Exercise as simple as running, walking can get the job done for you.

4. Get Busy, Soo Busy


Boredom is one major trigger for masturbation. Boredom makes you watch out for things to do. So keeping yourself busy throughout the day in and around activities can help you stay away from uncontrolled masturbation addiction.

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5. Seek Help If Nothing Works


Just in case nothing works, you need to seek professional assistance. Get in touch with a psychologist/counselor, particularly one who specializes in human sexuality. They will help you find the cause and treatment.

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