7-Year-Old Asks Santa Claus For A 'Very Good Dad' As A Gift, Internet Makes His Christmas Merrier - Viral Bake

7-Year-Old Asks Santa Claus For A ‘Very Good Dad’ As A Gift, Internet Makes His Christmas Merrier

Domestic violence can leave an impression of trauma in anyone and kids are no exception. Actually, kids are most affected by what they are exposed to during a tender age. And this boy is an example to the same.

A letter, written by a 7-year-old child, to Santa Claus from a domestic violence shelter has been doing the rounds on the web. In the letter, the child has poured out his emotionally-draining experience with domestic violence.

He writes to Santa that he had to leave the house because his dad “was mad”. He adds that his father always scared them (Mom and Son) and thus they had to leave the house and stay at the shelter house where they “don’t have to be scared”.

The child further goes on to request gifts from Santa including “some chapter books, a dictionary, and a compass and a watch and a very very very good dad”.

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The post was shared by the shelter, SafeHaven of Tarrant County, on Facebook. The same garnered a huge response from the audience.

People in the kindest gesture became Santa for the kid and sent gifts for him and other children in the shelter.

“I so want to help Blake. How many children do you currently house? Now, I want to help all the children…my heart just breaks,” wrote a Facebook user. “I sent a donation, please make sure Blake and his family have a wonderful Christmas,” wrote another.

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Later, the shelter shared images of Christmas gifts it had received for the kids and adults in the shelter.

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