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8 Less Known Web Series That You Can Watch For Free On YouTube To Pass Quarantine Time

To be honest, quarantine and self-isolation amidst lockdown is only allowing me free time and not extra cash. So the idea of Netflix and Chill may sound cool as we are in the safety of our homes, but the luxury of owning a Netflix subscription is still missing from most of our lives.

No no not at all, because YouTube has got us covered. YouTube, over the years, has emerged out to be a great place to help ourselves with great content. And in times when all we need is entertainment, entertainment and entertainment, you can again rely on YouTube for the same.

So with that being said, herein we have penned down some awesome web series that you can watch for free on YouTube to help yourself get through the quarantine.

1. Unmarried

As it is kinda shaadi season in the country, Unmarried is a great watch for you. The web series revolves around four people with different ideologies about marriage and whatever follows. The characters in the series are everything ost of us would be able to relate to. And the narrative is funny enough to get you through the quarantine blues. The episodes last 30 minutes each and thus are convenient to watch.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Season 2

The cutest couple on the internet, Madhu and Sanju, is back with their dose of fights and lots of love and understanding hidden in those fights. Though Season 2 is now available for free on YouTube but if you haven’t watched season 1, you must, because it is gold. Literally every episode of both the seasons offers 1,000s of puns, which is everything you need right now.

3. Nalayak’s

Nalayak is the story of two nalayaks “Sandy” and “Laddu” who are 11th standard students and also dumb when it comes to studies. While Sandy has been portrayed as a cleve one, Laddu, on the other hand, is a bit dumb. However when it comes to doing stuff that most of us in 11th standard did – taffri – both Laddu and Sandy are on the same line. The web series is funny and has a good fan following on youTube.

4. The Trip, Season 1 and Season 2

Again Shaadi season remember? So here is one more on the same lines. The Trip puts four women on a bachelorette trip from Delhi to Thailand. Interestingly, the actors in the series gave in their personal experiences to make the series more relatable to the audience. For the one who is thinking it would be all about women banter, then no, both, season 1 and 2 are more than that and thus a must-watch.

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5. Happily Ever After

Happily ever after was released recently and captures Roneet and Avan as a to-be-wed couple. The web series is about the modern millennial relationship and the hitches and glitches they have to go through to have that perfect wedding they have always dreamt of. The series promises lots and lots of laughter and that is our promise.

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6. Operation MBBS

Just like you don’t have to be in Kota to watch Kota Factory, similarly, you don’t have to be pursuing MBBS to watch Operation MBBS. The story is about three friends and their battle to weigh life, friendship and career equally. Highly relatable and a perfect binge to absorb some inspiration.

7. Wrong Number

Wrong Number is 2020 web series about a confusion that follows when Karan, a 2nd year engineering student, receives a message from Khushi, a medical student, on his new number. The twist here is that Karan’s new number previously belonged to Khushi’s ex-boyfriend, who she still misses and tries to contact on a regular basis. So now, when this number switch happens, Khushi is under the illusion that she is talking to Rajat.

8. Love Bytes

Love Byte is a web series by Sony LIV that brings together two different individuals who click and clash on there first meet. It also elucidates all those things that are necessary for an urban Indian relationship to sustain itself and the daily challenges that come in the way.

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So what are binge-watching onYouTube?

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