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8 Ways You Can Opt To Celebrate Your Loved One’s Birthday While Adhering To Quarantine

So it’s your birthday and you can’t call your friends over for a party. Frankly, you can call them over, but they might show up with a swollen backside. And though it would be something you will remember forever…

….but let’s drop the idea for now, at least for the sake of this article. Meanwhile, to ensure your birthday party is not a total bust, we have scooped out some interesting ideas that will ensure you or your loved ones have at least a good birthday even during quarantine times. Have a look:

1. Go with Italian ‘Supportive Basket’ tradition and put a cake inside the basket and hang it from your window for your friend. This, however, only works if your friend or loved one is a neighbour to you or lives very very close by.
supportive baskets
Source – Twitter

2. A video call is absolutely free and a fun idea to go by. There are many apps that let more than two people video call at the same time. So that’s one way to “gather”.
Source – Macworld UK

3. Balcony DJ? Always a good idea if your neighbours agree to the same. Ask them to join too. Wese bhi ghar pe kya hi kr rahe hoge.

4. Even Netflix Party feature lets you watch a movie or web series together. So you can try that as well.
Netflix party

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5. Start a hashtag trend online and ask everyone to post stuff using that hashtag to celebrate your friend’s birthday.
Source – Disruptive Advertising

6. If the loved one lives in the neighborhood or lives across the street make paper planes with a birthday message on them and try to get them through their window.
Source – Pinterest

7. You can donate the money you would have had spent buying gifts for your friend or loved one to help the world fight the pandemic.

8. Make a video where everyone wishes the birthday boy/girl a happy birthday and send it to them.

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