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Is Your OTP Safe? Know-How Hackers Are Targeting Your Transactions SMS

It would be wrong to think that not sharing sensitive information while using the internet, or not clicking on junk mails protects you from data stealing. After so many ways like SIM swapping and SS7 attacks; hackers have come with targeting your transaction SMS to steal personal data. Cybersecurity experts have detected a new way of cyber attack where hackers are using SMS to steal data from customer’s mobile phones. They are using text-messaging management services which generally meant for businesses to redirect their messages or SMS.  

Therefore, if you think that your phone is 100% safe and free from hackers’ attack then you should remember that the possibility of a new attack is still lurking.

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Few things are important to know about this hacking style

How hackers perform this attack?

As per the Cyber Crime experts, hackers are using SMSes that are mostly used for business purposes, to perform cyber attack. They are using the loopholes in such services to steal data.

Who is responsible for such attacks?

As per the experts, the negligence of the telecom industry is majorly responsible for this cause. In the US, the services to redirect SMS can be easily availed at only $16. Generally, businesses use this service, but now hackers are using this service to steal the personal and financial data of an individual.

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Modus Operandi

In this style of cyber attack, hackers are using security flaws to redirect key text messages, which also include login links or OTP for services like WhatsApp.

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How this treat is exposed?

This discovery was exposed when the Motherboard reporter Joseph Cox has a hacker attack on his number. As per the report, the hacker could easily redirect the SMS that was supposed to arrive on his number. The hackers mainly target those companies providing services like do not send SMS to the number.

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